If you dispute late fees applied to a pending invoice, please contact the vendor to request a revised invoice. If the invoice is already paid, contact the vendor to request a credit memo. If the vendor is unwilling to waive the late fees, you may contact gatewayhelp@bfs.ucsb.edu to request assistance.

Process a Transfer of Expense (TOE) or a financial journal.

You can request changes by submitting a Gateway “VB Revision Form” or “Contract Amendment Form.” Account strings cannot be changed on standard POs. Invoices in process will be charged to the existing account string (or default account string, if the existing one is no longer valid).

A default account string can be set up in the GMC by a DPA. Additional details can be found at: “Default Account String Guide.”

It is the account string (Cost Center-Project Code-Location-Account-Fund) that expenses are posted to when the account string provided on the purchase order is no longer valid.

The Invoice Approver role can be assigned in the GMC by a DPA. The Gateway Systems Team will contact your DPA to identify Invoice Approvers for this new workflow step. This change gives the appropriate individual(s) in each department the ability to approve, reject or place invoices on hold. An “Invoice Approver Guide” will be posted on our website for your reference.

This change was requested by several departments and approved by the Gateway User Group.

The Invoice Settlement Team will no longer send receipt reminders. Receivers can attend a Gateway Receiving Class or review our “Receiving Guide” for additional information.

Effective August 1, if departments do not respond within 7 calendar days to a request to enter a receipt, or provide a reason not to pay, an invoice under $5,000 will be approved for payment.

No: maintaining the required supporting documentation is a departmental responsibility. Departments may choose to attach copies of receipt documentation (i.e., packing slips and other delivery documents) to the order in Gateway, but they may also maintain these records in paper files.


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