Our walk-in hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30am - 11am and 1:30pm- 3:30pm.

Contact Noah Whatoff (noahwhatoff@bfs.ucsb.edu) in the Payroll Department, and include the employee's name, employee ID, original start date, and email address. You will receive an email when the employee can visit a worksite to complete their re-verification.

In UC Path, go to People Soft > Workforce Administration> Personal Information> Security Clearance. Under Security Clearance, it will say "U14 I-9 Complete," the date will be listed, and the Source will say "Tracker." If the Security Clearance field says "U14 I-9 complete" and the date is within the last 3 years, the employee does not need to be in Tracker (their original I-9 is still valid).
When you create the position, in the position Control field "HR Worksite" enter the number 91. (95 if the position requires E-Verify). Then, in the New Hire Template enter an email address and choose "Home" in the email type drop down.
The Department is to inform the employee that they will be getting an email from Tracker, and that they need to complete Section 1 online before, or on, their first day. The employee should then go to Business and Financial services to complete Section 2 by their third day of work (e.g., if your employee starts on Monday, and Section 1 is done Monday morning, Section 2 must be done by Thursday at 3:30 pm).
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