Is it ok for me to sign a quote, proposal or contract, even for catering, hotel, or other event-related contracts on behalf of UCSB or UC?

No. Only individuals issued a formal delegation of authority to sign contracts can sign written contracts for goods and services. This includes travel and entertainment contracts (food, catering, hotels, and other event-related services). For a list of who has a formal Delegation for the campus to sign contracts, quotes, proposals, etc., click here.

Contracts issued on behalf of the Regents are only valid if signed by a delegated official of the state. If you sign a contract for the University, you are taking on personal risk. The contract may be considered unenforceable if anything were to happen; and if the contract is found to be valid, the signatory may be held personally liable for the contract.

Procurement Services is available to process and execute contracts for travel and entertainment *if* a contract is absolutely necessary. Not all suppliers actually require a contract to be signed to hold a room or reservation…use of the Corporate Card can be appropriate in these cases. Contact us at or x4670 with any questions.





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