How do I use a Vendor Blanket? (5/2017)

The Vendor Blanket Form in Gateway is like a checking account; you set up a fixed amount on the order, and as invoices are charged against it, the total amount of your order "draws down".

  • Vendor Blankets (VB) may be setup for a one-year initial period, and may be extended using the Vendor Blanket Revision Form for one-year increments. As a best practice, VBs should not cross fiscal year boundaries.
  • VBs cannot be backdated; the authorization to purchase must exist prior to accepting services.
  • VBs associated with a UC contract or a UCSB bid can be set up through the contract end date to match the contract terms.
  • VBs expired two months or longer are considered permanently expired, and you'll need to setup a new VB if your department wishes to continue doing business with that vendor.
  • VBs should only be used for services that are recurring throughout the year in nature, such as temporary personnel invoices, copier or equipment maintenance, and trash pickup.
  • Please note, most services (including delivery) require insurance. Obtaining insurance may add processing time to your order.
  • If the annual expenditure for the VB exceeds $100k, we may need go out to bid, unless a bid has already been awarded through Procurement or UCOP.
  • If the vendor supplies items with the UC name or logo, the vendor must register annually with Learfield. Please contact Carol Cox at the bookstore with any questions about this requirement

In the description box, use the following example text: "Provide copier maintenance services to the University of California, Santa Barbara, xxxx Department for the period of 7/1/20xx - 6/30/20xx. Copier Model # xxx and Serial Number xxx. Rates as follows: xxxx. Account Number as follows: xxxx"

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