How do I shop using the Gateway system?

There are three ways to shop using Gateway: Punch-outs, Hosted Catalogs and Non-Catalog.

  • Punch-Outs: Using a "punch-out" means that you are connecting directly to a hosted website for the supplier that features UCSB pricing. You will build your shopping cart on their site and then by "checking out", you transfer the information back into Gateway to finalize. We currently have 12 punch-outs that you can access by clicking their logo on the homepage in Gateway. You can distinguish punch-outs from Hosted-Catalogs, as punch-outs have a small arrow in the right hand corner of their logo. You will not need to log-in to any punch-out site to access it.
  • Hosted Catalogs: A Hosted Catalog is a supplier that has uploaded their pricing into Gateway. Rather than being transferred to a hosted website to shop, you can search for catalog products by either entering keywords in the "Shop" bar that runs across the top of the homepage or by clicking directly on their logo to search.
  • Non-Catalog Suppliers: These are suppliers where we do not have verified pricing enabled in Gateway. It will be up to you to verify your pricing (either through a quote, their website, or perhaps a physical copy of their catalog) and use that to manually build a cart with them. You can build a cart with these suppliers by clicking the "Non-Catalog" link found under the "Shop" bar on the homepage.

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