How do I establish an Agency Account?

How do I establish an Agency Account?

Agency accounts are assigned to record activity that is considered Non-University such as student, faculty, staff, governmental and private organizations or activities and Campus Foundations--for which the University provides the agency services. Furthermore, the activities of these entities are usually closely related or even related to the activities of the University, and these entities in fact directly or indirectly provide services or benefits to the University community; i.e., students, staff and faculty.  Nonetheless the receipts and disbursements of funds, coming from these entities are not considered official units of the University.

      To request that an Agency Account be established, a letter should be submitted to the General Accounting Unit of Accounting Services & Controls. This letter should include the following:

•     purpose of the account, type of activity

•     department most closely related to the purpose; i.e., requesting department

•     individual responsible for the account and phone extension

•     requested title for the account

This letter must be signed by the control point signatory of the department submitting the request.

Unit or Topic: 

General Accounting