How do I adjust my compensatory time balance since I have been using the wrong DOS code all this time?

I have been using OTS (Overtime Straight) as description of service to pay out compensatory time instead CMP (Compensatory Time Paid).

You need to do an RX transaction to back out the OTS description of service, and LX transaction to put in the correct description of service which is CMP. Here is an example.
Seq: ______Tr: RX Per End: 083199 Pay Cy: M Dst:33 E:__ T:__ D: Ttl: 7616
LACFPS: 8 681059____19900______1 Rate: 2700.00 AH: A
DOS: ____Time: _____H% __DOS: OTS Hr: 8.00 DOS: ___ Hr: _____ WSP: ____
Seq: _______Tr: LX Per End: 083199 Pay Cy: M Dst: 33 E: __ T: __D: Ttl: 7616
LACFPS: 8 681059 ____19900______1 Rate: 2700.00 AH: A
DOS: ___ Time: ____H% __DOS: CMP Hr: 8.00 DOS: ___Hr: ____WSP: ____

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