How can I use the Walk-In Form?

After having audited the use of the Walk-In Form in Gateway, we found that the original purpose of the Form was not the majority of the active use. Therefore, we have limited the ability to use the Walk-In Form to certain local providers.

The Walk-In Purchase Order is ONLY used when physically walking into a supplier's store to pick up goods. Once approved in Gateway, the PO will not be sent to the supplier. Therefore, you must print out a copy of the PO and bring it into the store.

The use of a Walk-In PO is limited to the following on-campus entities and local providers, and should be used for emergency bases only, or when your department only has a general idea of what to purchase (copies, office supplies, etc.).

  • University Center (UCEN)
  • Associated Students
  • SB
  • Costco
  • Aqua-Flo
  • Channel City Lumber
  • Graybar
  • Crop Production Services
  • Hayward Lumber
  • Goleta Building Materials
  • All Around Landscape
  • Johnstone Supply
  • A-OK Power Equipment
  • Gonzo's Small Engine Repair

If you have a local provider you wish to add to this list, please email Suppliers that may require extra handling, such as restricted commodities and prevaling wages should not be added to this list.

To obtain a copy of the purchase order to bring to the supplier, please wait until there is a "GW" purchase order number assigned, then complete the following steps:

1. From the purchase order page, access the "available actions" dropdown menu on the left hand side of the screen.
2. Select "print fax version" and click "go".
3. This will give a copy of the official PO including Terms and Conditions.

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