How can I submit a travel claim when the traveler is not available to sign the TEV?



Authorizing Signature

The following excerpts from G-28 outline the requirements for the Authorizing Signature.

A. Approval of Travel Expense Claim (G-28 pp 10)

The authority to approve travel expense claims must be documented by a signature authorization form on file with the Campus Controller’s Office (or the Medical Center Controller, where appropriate) or by an electronic signature authorization. The travel expense claim should not be approved by a person who reports directly or indirectly to the traveler. Persons delegated the authority to approve travel shall not approve their own travel. In addition, travelers may not approve the travel of a near relative, e.g., spouse or domestic partner, child, parent, etc.

UCSB Travel Accounting requires an original signature from the person authorizing a Travel Expense Voucher. Use of signature stamps, copies of the signatures or electronic signatures is not permitted due to the risk involved when using these types of methods. 

Traveler’s Signature

The following excerpts from G-28 outline the requirements for the Traveler’s Signature.

c. Certification of Travel Expenses (G-28 pp 44-45)

The traveler must either sign or provide an electronic equivalent on the travel expense claim certifying that the amounts claimed are a true statement of the expenses incurred on official University business and that the original of all required receipts has been submitted, whether scanned or faxed. Internal departmental expense claim forms are not an acceptable alternative for obtaining the traveler’s signature on the travel expense University of California Policy G-28 Travel Regulations Page 46 of 55 claim (or electronic equivalent), unless approved as an exception to this policy.

Submission of the travel expense claim under a traveler’s electronic authorization will be considered certification that the traveler incurred the expenses being claimed. In accordance with IRS regulations, an electronic signature must:

· Identify the traveler who is submitting the electronic form;

· Authenticate and verify the submission; and

· Be the final entry in the submission.

In an attempt to accommodate situations where it is not practical to obtain the wet signature of the Traveler on a TEV or worksheet, UCSB has identified the following alternate options:

Option 1.             The traveler can submit original receipts with their original wet signature on each receipt.

Option 2.             The traveler can send an email from their account that includes copies of receipts and the statement below:

I, (NAME OF TRAVELER), certify that the above is a true statement, that the expenses claimed were incurred by me on official University business on the dates shown, and that I have attached original receipts for each expense as required by University policy.”

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