How can I buy from Costco?

While we don't have a systemwide contract with Costco, Walk-In Purchase Orders are accepted at the local store for goods (Memberships are not paid with a Purchase Order; see below for details) with the following procedures:

  • Visit the Membership Counter prior to shopping. Costco will require your department have a Business Membership. To set that up, Costco may require paper documentation proving you work for the UC (that could be in the form of a paystub, website print-out, or directory listing), and may require to see your Driver's License to prove you are who you say you are. Cards may be issued to the indivudal names, not the UC department.
  • UCSB has a signed a fairly benign Master Contract with Costco, where any dept on the attached Department List can purchase off the Agreement.
  • UCSB limits the membership to the Business card priced at $55. Executive Memberships are NOT allowed, and Costco no longer provides "Corporate" accounts. These will be standard accounts that are just paid by UCSB.
  • Memberships are restricted to up to 6 cards per account. Each $55 includes just 2 cards.
  • Once you have the membership, you may execute Walk-In PO's in Gateway.
  • Take your printed out Walk-In PO to the Membership counter, and walk away with your product(s). Costco will provide you with an Invoice, that you would send over to Accounts Payable.

To pay invoices, please write your Gateway Walk-In PO # on the invoice, and send the product invoices to
Membership invoices ($55) cannot be paid on a purchase order, but should be processed on a Membership Form 5 directly to Accounts Payable. Please contact Accounts Payable for membership questions.

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