Can you instruct me how to process LX and RX for vacation, sick, and compensatory time leave?

The first thing you need to do is check the payroll calendar to see when the window opens/closes for Financial Leave Reporting (same date as Supplemental Payroll). Then you go to the Main menu on PPS. At the Next Func field, type EDAT and press <Enter> to select Dept. Adjustment Transaction. Once you are in EDAT, type EDLR in the Next Func field to select the Late/Reduce Pay. Tab to the I.D. field and type employee identification number. Tab to the Pay Cycle field and type XX (always XX) for Supplemental Payroll. Tab to the Pay End field and type the month, date, and year. Remember it’s always the fifteenth of the month for Supplemental Payroll. The month will be the month that the window opens, not the month you are trying to correct. Example:

Next Func: EDLR ID: 123456789
Pay Cycle: XX Pay End: 101599
A. EDLR (LX/RX transaction)
B. ID (employee social security number)
C. XX always represents Supplemental Payroll (MS)
D. 101599, always the fifteen of the month.
Once you select EDLR, ID, Pay Cycle, and Pay End, hit <Enter>.

You should be in the EDLR screen. Tab to the second line for data entry. (LX or RX) Enter period ending; enter M on Pay Cycle; enter distribution number and rate of pay; use the tab to move your cursor to the 2nd DOS field or 3rd DOS field and type VLA (vacation accrual), VAC (vacation taken), SLA (sick accrual), SKL (sick taken), CTA (comp accrual), and CTO (comp taken). Last, enter hour(s) and press <F5> to update.

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