After leaving UC, how can you continue to access your past UC earning statements and W-2 forms through UCPath online?

Registering for UCPath online former employee access

You’ll be able to register for UCPath online access as a former employee once your location has finalized your separation with UCPath online. Make sure you’ve added your non-business email address to your UCPath profile before you leave UC — you’ll need it to register.

If UCPath has your non-business email address on file, you’ll receive a notification email as soon as you’re eligible to register. If you do not have a non-business email on file, call the UCPath Center to provide one and request your registration email.

Once you receive your former employee access registration email, follow the steps to register and activate your account. You must complete the registration process within the timeframe listed in your email message or you will lose access.

After you complete the first step to activate your account, you’ll receive a second email to complete the registration process. This step will include verifying your personal data and creating security questions for the account. When both registration steps are completed, you will be able to login to UCPath online through the Former Employee Access page.

Accessing your information

Once your registration is complete, you’ll be able to access your earning statements and W-2 forms for payroll information that UCPath processed. You’ll also be able to keep your personal contact information up to date.

You will have access to the Former Employee system for up to three years after your separation date, so make sure to download any information you need for your records.

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