Equipment Management


On the Santa Barbara campus, surplus property disposal is the responsibility of the Surplus unit of Central Stores:  Individuals and departments are not allowed to dispose of University property without the prior approval of Equipment Management and Surplus.

If a department has property which is surplus to its needs, which is obsolete or no longer functional, it must list such property on an Excess and Surplus Property Disposal Form (ESPD) and submit the form to Equipment Management, which will process the form, ensuring that the University holds title to all listed assets, and forward it to Surplus.

Instructions on how to complete and submit the ESPD are found under the Forms section of this website.

Surplus will contact the department to arrange for pick up of the property (the department may also deliver it), at which time the property will be removed from the department's inventory.  The property is removed from the campus inventory (i.e., a disposal transaction is processed) at that time that Surplus either sells it or disposes of it as trash.