Equipment Management


The official University policy on donations of University-owned property is contained in Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-38, Part VII., Section B.

Donations of low-value items to be made to other governmental, non-profit, and educational institutions under certain circumstances and with the appropriate approvals:

  1. Their fair value must be de minimis, i.e., below the costs required for handling, record keeping, storage and other costs associated with trade or sale.  Generally, this threshold is considered to be $75.00.
  2. The requesting organization must submit its request in writing, on official letterhead, and will be required to sign a standard University waiver and hold harmless agreement prior to taking possession of the donated property.
  3. The department must submit an Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR), signed by the Chair or Director, requesting approval of the donation to Equipment Management.
  4. All donations must be approved by the Equipment Manager, Surplus Administrator and Materiel Manager, plus any exceptions approvers.
  5. NO PROPERTY MAY BE REMOVED FROM THE UNIVERSITY BEFORE THE APPROVALS ARE OBTAINED and a completed copy of the EIMR returned to the department.

If you have any questions regarding the policy on donations of University-owned equipment, contact Equipment Management at x7377.