Equipment Management

Additional Information

  1. Equipment Inventory Modification Requests (EIMRs)

    Helpful Hint: Only one type of transaction may be reported per EIMR: use separate EIMRs to report items which your department is unable to locate, items which have been cannibalized for parts or trashed, or other types of disposals.

    1. Two forms of EIMR are available:
      1. Paper: the form, along with complete processing instructions, is available for download at our website: Forms.
      2. Online: disposal and transfer/loan transactions may be processed online using departmental access to CATS via ALLN01. This method is much simpler and efficient, especially when processing significant numbers of transactions. Complete instructions and an instruction manual are available on our website: EIMR User Packet.
    2. Use an EIMR to report:
      1. Equipment that is lost or cannot be located. In the case of multiple items or high value equipment, attach a cover memo signed by your Chair/Director explaining the circumstances surrounding the loss and the steps undertaken to prevent recurrence. Equipment will NOT be deleted from your inventory just because you write "lost" or "destroyed" or "traded-in" on the EQ920.
      2. Equipment that has been cannibalized for parts or trashed by your department and not previously reported to Equipment Management.
      3. Equipment that was traded in at the time new equipment was purchased and the trade-in was not recorded on the purchase order.
      4. Equipment that has been transferred to another department or institution and not previously reported to Equipment Management.
      5. Equipment discovered during the physical inventory and not included on the printout (except for acquisitions after the date of the report). Perhaps items were brought to the campus by an incoming professor or transferred from another department.

      Helpful Hint: Items originating from off-campus sources can only be reported on a paper EIMR; items originating from on-campus sources can be reported on an on-line EIMR, but the department that still holds official custody must initiate it.


  2. Excess and Surplus Property Disposal Forms (ESPDs)

    Report surplus and excess equipment that your department wants picked up by Central Stores (or which you wish to drop off at Central Stores) on an Excess and Surplus Property Disposal (ESPD) form. This PDF form, along with complete processing instructions, is available for download on our website: Forms.

  3. Replacement Property Tags.

    If property tags are missing, do not have a barcode, do not scan correctly, or are located in an area which is difficult to access and read or scan, request replacement tags either by including a list as part of the inventory package returned to Equipment Management or via an email request.