Office of the Controller


Name and Contact Info Responsibilities
Jim Corkill
Director, Controller, Business & Financial Services
(805) 893-5882

Campus Controller

Kimberly Ray
Associate Director of Controls
(805) 893-7667

Financial Controls

Manager, Office of the Controller


Liz Molina
Financial Analyst
(805) 893-8593

BFS Administrative Management
- Financial/Budget
- Human Resources

Matt Coy
Banking Services Manager - Campus Credit Card Coordinator
(805) 893-3959

Merchant Support

Cash Handling

For UCSB credit card merchant support, contact

Ariana Severseike
Banking Services Analyst
(805) 893-3919

Petty Cash
Credit Card Merchant Support
For UCSB credit card merchant support, contact

Kim Taylor
Office Manager
(805) 893-8593

Administrative support for Director, Controller
BFS Office Support

- Travel Coordination
- Purchasing
- Facilities and equipment maintenance
- Timekeeping