Computing Support

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The Computing Support Department provides support for both the Accounting & Business Services offices, as well as the UCSB Campus. Major Areas of Support are as follows;

  1. Coordinate or run batch processes for Accounting units and distribute output. Systems include PPS, both local and processing in Oakland, APEX, A21 Effort Reporting, Staffing and Ledger processing.
  2. Provide network and desktop assistance. Keep desktop machines and printers warm and working. Respond to questions about the use of the machine's operating system and the standard applications installed on the machines.
  3. Data entry and electronic file conversion for batch processing. Convert paper form data for Payroll, Travel and Ledger processing to data files used for input to the various systems. Convert files prepared on desktop computers into the input file formats expected by the various systems, including APEX (from vendors), Ledger (E-Journals from Recharge units) and Payroll (Summer Session and Dining Commons timesheets).
  4. Provide data administration and access services for the office. Contact point for Banking software packages, ALLN01 and PYLV01 administration. Initiate account requests for numerous servers and services.
  5. Develop file extracts and reports from 'mainframe' sources. Provide assistance for one time and short-term projects with data from sources not easily available to desktop computers. Assist with analysis to develop long term solutions to business problems.