Please join us on Tuesday, January 26th at 1:00pm for updates about the object code realignment project.

UCSB's object codes are being realigned with UCOP's new expense accounts. As background,


On July 18th, 2019, Jim Corkill and Leslie Griffin presented a discussion about navigating fiscal close with UCPath. Topics included prioritizing General Ledger issues, General Ledger FYE 6/30/19 challenges, General Ledger management plans for FY2020, assessment rates for FY2020, and more.


On 1/10/18 Olga Mery, Manager, General Accounting, and Susan Esparza, BFS Systems & Data Manager, provided a refresher training on how to submit journal requests. They also talked about the history of why using the correct format and template is important; reviewed an overview of the steps to creating a successful journal request; and, provided an overview of tools available to help you.


On 2/12/18 Olga Mery, Manager, General Accounting and Leslie Griffin, Associate Director, Business and Financial Services discussed the use of object code 7200. They talked about the history, current, and the go-forward usage for object code 7200.

[Click here for the presentation deck]

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