Conversion from Netscape

We are happy to announce that the BARC code is being modified and very soon you will no longer have to access BARC using Netscape (insert applause track here)! 

Since BARC was rolled out in the Summer of 2003, users have been required to use the Netscape 4.79 browser.  Once the new code has been deployed, BARC will be available using current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Go Live

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015 we deployed the code that allowed access without Netscape.  That process involved final acceptance testing on a select few workstations before we rolled this change out to the entire Campus.  Even among the few workstations we had for our acceptance testing we were faced with interactions with different versions of browsers and Java that proved to be our undoing.  Although each workstation was successfully set up, we realize that the "tech support" that would be needed for our Campus users was overwhelming.  Users would have to know what versions of browsers and Java are on their workstations and with each separate potential combination there were different steps to follow to get up and running.  It was decided that was not workable. 

We rolled back the code until we can get this to a more manageable level.  Our goal is to get to a point where we can issue simple, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 type instructions to our users and they will not have to become computer experts as they would now. 

Just to be clear, until we resolve this issue you will ONLY be able to view BARC as you always have - using Netscape or Citrix or your current workaround.