Accounts Payable

Payments to Undergraduates

Please complete the Undergraduate Student Resources Disbursement Form at the time your department provides financial assistance, prepares payment of any resource (scholarship, stipend, fellowship, fee paying award, etc.), or receives notification from a government or a private agency that a current undergraduate student will receive some type of financial assistance or monetary award. Optimally, this report should be completed when:

  1. The awards are made; or
  2. When your department receive information about an undergraduate student’s award from an outside agency.

Please do not wait until the end of the academic year to send this information. This form only needs to be completed for UCSB undergraduate students who are considered by the Office of the Registrar to be current UC students. Do not report earnings of any type.

Federal and State regulations and University Policies 4425 and 4440 require that any type of financial assistance (e.g., grants, scholarships, fellowships, stipends, fee awards, loans, etc.), especially awards, prizes, and scholarships funded from University controlled resources (i.e., funds appearing in the general ledger), be reported ro the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for all UCSB students whether or not they receive financial aid. This information is used to compile data for the University's annual Corporate Student Systems Report for the UC Office of the President.

The Undergraduate Student Resources Disbursement Form contains data elements required for the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to input into our database, as indicated below.


Scholarships, fellowships and other student awards are required to be issued through a 78XXXX Account only.


In order to credit these funds to a student’s billing account they must be enrolled in at least 6 units in the quarter for which you are designating the award. If a student is enrolled in less than 6 units or if a student is not enrolled, please mark the “@” symbol next to the student’s name and enter the following text in the “comments” section: “Please credit the funds for the students marked with @ they are not enrolled in a minimum of 6 units.”


Please list under “Indicated Quarter Total” the current cumulative total from the fund for the quarter in which you have placed a disbursement. For example, if you are issuing a disbursement of $300 for an REU fund in the fall and that is the total for that fund currently, then the “Indicated Quarter Total” would be $300. If you are issuing a disbursement of $300 and there has already been a disbursement for the same quarter for $200 from the same REU fund, then the “Indicated Quarter Total” would read $500. The current cumulative total would include the amount of the current disbursement and all prior disbursements issued for the same quarter.


Indicate the fund type by marking the “restricted” or “unrestricted” box to avoid processing delays or errors. Restricted awards are designated for funds that are not used for paying existing balances on BARC accounts. Please note that restricted funds may cause charges (i.e. owed balances) to BARC accounts when other financial aid resources are reduced as a result of this new award exceeding a student’s cost budget. By law, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships must make revision to federal and state financial aid resources when other funding resources create an over award. It is important for departments to inform award recipients of this possibility to avoid confusion.


Proper Authorization Signatures are required on Undergraduate Resource Disbursement Forms. Forms with missing authorizations can not be processed.


Our department generally begins aid disbursement approximately four weeks before the fee deadline. Fee deadlines are as follows:

Fall Quarter:: September 15th
Winter Quarter: December 15th
Spring Quarter: March 15th
Summer Quarter: July 15th

Our disbursement frequency is increased during the week prior to the fee deadline and continues until the census date (the 3rd week into the quarter). It is after this point that we reduce the frequency of disbursements to approximately twice a week. Processed funds are disbursed to BARC accounts on scheduled disbursement dates. Applied funds are used to pay account balances and only then will BARC automatically generate a refund for the remaining credit. Refunds are generated twice a week and are in the form of a check mailed to the student’s local address on GOLD or a direct deposit for students that are enrolled for direct deposit. The BARC office ends automatic refunds for a given term when the following quarter’s fees have been assessed to student accounts, which then requires that a student request a refund from BARC. A student may request to pick up a refund check by contacting the BARC office.


Disbursement of funds to BARC takes 3-7 business days and may vary between students. For example, a student may have not filed a FAFSA and is not in our system. This extends processing time, as our office must manually generate a student file to upload Registrar information. Processing time is also extended when we must create unique identifying fund codes for each different account/fund/sub/object code that is not already in our system. Undergraduate Resource Reporting disbursements may have different requirements for the use of accounts, funds, subs, and object codes, so please contact the Accounting Office if you have questions regarding the validity of your accounts. Please avoid using fund codes that end with a sub code of “2,” as this is an invalid sub code for the processing of these funds.


Undergraduate Resource Reporting (UGRR) forms must be submitted according to the following deadlines:

Academic Year (Fall, Winter, Spring) Deadline: July 1st
Summer-Term Deadline: September 15th



The Graduate Division reports graduate students’ information to the Office Financial Aid and Scholarships; therefore, you do not need to report resources for graduate students. However, if you have paid any resources (stipends, grants, fellowships, fee awards, etc.) to graduate students through the check request (Form-5) process and have not reported the information to the Graduate Division, please be sure to report this information to them as soon as possible.

For questions, please contact Jade Moreno, Financial Aid Advisor, by email: