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UC's Climate Lab Six-Part Series!

Check out Climate Lab, a six-part video series created by the University of California in partnership with Vox, exploring global climate change and UC’s groundbreaking work to mitigate its effects. Hosted by conservation scientist and UCLA visiting researcher M. Sanjayan, the series features eye-opening conversations with experts, scientists, thought leaders and activists about how everything from clean energy to food, religion to smartphones, affects the future of our planet. “Climate change is the biggest issue of our time,” says Sanjayan, a UC Santa Cruz alumnus. “It can seem overwhelming, but in Climate Lab, we meet some amazing people from all walks of life who are breaking the problem down and actually making a difference. We hope to inspire viewers to transform the planet by taking some of the ideas in this series and spreading them across the world."

May is Zero-Waste Procurement Month! 

UCSB's Procurement Services supports the UC Zero Waste initiative and #MyLastTrash Campaign. During the month of May, the #MyLastTrash theme is Green Labs with a focus around centrifuge tubes and “No Home for Foam." To support this mission, we are encouraging labs on campus to re-use current racks instead of buying new ones, or alternatively, to purchase tubes in bulk or with cardboard racks, to minimize solid packaging waste. If you have questions about #MyLastTrash, Green Labs, or would like assistance searching for foam-free or sustainable alternatives, please contact one of the following: 

Green Initiative Fund Project Awarded

A project proposed by Procurement Services' Sustainability Analyst was selected for funding by the Green Initiative Fund Grant Making Committee! TGIF funding will be used to purchase 18 electric hand dryers to convert the highest use restrooms on campus away from paper towels. High-speed energy efficient electric hand dryers provide a quick, sanitary, and waste-free alternative to paper towels. By eliminating paper towel dispensers, this project eliminates the opportunity to mindlessly consume single-use products. In addition, an electric dryer uses less water, and exudes less carbon dioxide across its lifecycle than does the process of creating and disposing of paper towels. Read about other amazing TGIF projects here.


Procurement Services Sustainable Policy, Procedures, Practices

  • All CPQP RFP’s allocate a minimum 5% weighting to sustainable factors
  • All strategically sourced product vendors are required by contract to provide product sustainability reports  
  • Procurement observes the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing policies in the UC Sustainable Practices Policy
  • Procurement coordinates sustainable initiatives with the Chief Sustainability Officer and includes sustainability officers in vendor Quarterly Business Reviews to discuss green practices, and provide green alternatives when applicable
  • Gateway catalogs support vendor provided “green” tags to identify product sustainability attributes for campus consumption
  • Gateway allows users to filter catalog query results by “green” tag



Procurement - Transformational Sustainability Changes

UCSB Procurement implemented Gateway, an electronic procure-to-pay SAAS, which has dramatically reduced paper printing requirements for the campus. This system has allowed Purchasing to eliminated the routine printing of purchase orders, allowed departments to stop printing electronic quotes, and Accounts Payable no longer prints and routes paper invoice packages to departments for authorization signature.


Recent RFP’s that advance UCSB Sustainability

FY 2015 - Power Purchase Agreement
Summary: Building an RFP that will result in a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to engage a third party vendor to build a multi-site solar power collectors and sell power back to UCSB at a pre-negotiated rate structure for a duration of 20 years with option to buy the system.

FY 2014 - Pouring Rights
Summary: Established pouring rights agreement with Pepsi that provides $25,000 in support to UCSB Purchasing for Sustainable initiatives

FY 2014 - Solid Waste
Summary: Established a solid waste disposal agreement with Marborg that provides $48,000 in direct support to UCSB FM for the purposes of hiring two student interns to learn and apply smart waste disposal and “next generation” sustainability practices

FY 2014 - Laundry Services
Summary: Established a new agreement for Student Housing, which swaps out all existing old appliances for new Energy Star and water saving washers and dryers. This agreement also removes the need for issuing campus laundry cards, and uses Debit/Credit cards instead at each machine.

FY 2013 - Produce
Summary: By rebidding the Produce commodity, UCSB not only received lower total fixed costs, but we also awarded to a local small business. This effort supported the UCSB Sustainability policy related to food operations.


The Green Inititative Fund (TGIF) Sustainable Procurement Grant Applications/Awards

2017 - Replacing Paper Towels with Electric Hand Dryers in High Use Restrooms ($20,729)

Summary: TGIF funding will be used to purchase 18 electric hand dryers to convert the highest use restrooms in Girvetz, Physical Sciences Building North, North Hall, and Harold Frank Hall from paper towels to high speed electric hand dryers. Energy-efficient hand dryers provide a quick, sanitary, and waste-free alternative to paper towels, using less water, and emitting less carbon dioxide across their lifecycle than does the process of creating and disposing of paper towels.

2014 - Sustainable Purchasing (Not Funded)

Summary: Contract outside consultant to identify sustainable purchasing opportunities and engage two interns to highlight identified products through Gateway and market products to the campus

2013 - Last Mile Delivery ($5,050)

Summary: Hired a graduate student to work with purchasing staff to analyze the distribution of vendor goods in order to determine the feasibility and sustainability value of cross dock last mile delivery using electric vehicles. At UCSB, a large fleet of gas burning vehicles delivers packages to hundreds of locations in and around the campus every day. Many of these deliveries originate from a small population of vendors that could significantly reduce their carbon emissions by consolidating delivery routes to a single delivery point for “last mile” delivery by a dedicated campus-based fleet of low impact green vehicles. 

2012 - Green Gateway Procurement ($17,000)

Summary: Hired a student team to analyze the spend behavior of campus and establish criteria to eliminate “green washing” of Gateway catalog products. The students classified "green," or sustainable product attribute data into the Gateway product catalogs. By providing transparent and reliable sustainability information that is easily accessible to campus buyers, this project helped increase the purchase of sustainable goods and services at UCSB.  Data on purchasing behavior resulting from the project assisted procurement staff in identify patterns and training opportunities in environmentally preferable purchasing.

2011 - Going Green: Launching an Electronic Purchase Order Information System (not funded)

Summary: Upgrade legacy procurement system to eliminate paper based purchase orders.