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Campus Online Purchasing System

September 15, 2011


To:       The Campus Community


Fr:        Gene Lucas, Executive Vice Chancellor
            Ron Cortez, Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services
            Michael Witherell, Vice Chancellor, Research
            Michael Young, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs


Re:       Campus Online Purchasing System


We are pleased to announce that UCSB will be implementing a new system that will change the way we purchase goods and services and enable our Purchasing Department to respond to buying needs in a more timely and effective manner. The campus has contracted with SciQuest, a leading provider of web-based procurement software, to provide departments with a tool that will improve functionality, leverage our collective buying power, and make it easier to identify and purchase sustainable products.


Over 150 colleges and universities are currently using the SciQuest system, including Cornell, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Stanford, USC, and Yale, as well as University of California campuses at Berkeley, Irvine, Riverside, Santa Cruz, San Diego and San Francisco. These UC campuses have partnered with the Office of the President to create a consolidated and unified approach for managing supplier relationships and increasing UC’s visibility and influence over strategically sourced contracts.  Immediate access to spend data among all of the campuses is leading to more effective contract negotiations and the ability to identify cost savings opportunities at a faster pace.


UCSB’s version of this online purchasing system, which has been named UCSB Procurement Gateway, will transition us from traditional retail purchasing to strategic buying and green procurement with streamlined buying that will provide the following advantages:


  • Pricing – access contracted prices, terms and conditions to ensure best value
  • Selection -  find products and services to fulfill your purchasing needs
  • Speed - expedite your ordering process by creating one cart that automatically sends orders to suppliers
  • Controls - automate approval routing and tracking with full control and accountability
  • Payment – manage multiple fund sources, split-funding, and automatic invoice settlement
  • Visibility - view the current status of your requisitions and run real-time reports on spending
  • Sustainability – reduce paper and gain ready access to green vendors and products

We wish to engage our campus buying community in collaborations to determine workflow needs and design for Gateway. The first step in this process will be to hold demonstrations of online buying tools in October to solicit your recommendations (announcement on dates forthcoming).  In subsequent months the campus will undertake the appropriate business and technical tasks to move us towards Gateway deployment at the start of the 2012-13 fiscal year.


Implementation of Gateway provides an exciting opportunity to streamline campus procurement and set a whole new direction and pace for transforming campus business and financial processes.  This initiative emerged as a partnership across divisions, and we will continue to work together to ensure the success of this project as we move forward.  Jacob Godfrey, our campus Purchasing Manager, will be coordinating implementation.  Please watch for additional announcements in the near future.