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Do I need a Contract?

Generally speaking, Professional and Personal Services can be submitted on a Purchase Order without the need of a signed Contract. The Contracts Analyst assigned to your requisition will work with you and the vendor to determine the appropriate procurement method.  If a vendor is asking you to sign a Contract, Quote, Agreement, or Statement of Work, please send it through to Contracts. We can let you know if you need a Contract, or if you can submit the document using a standard Purchase Order in Gateway. You can always email us at if you're not sure what to do.

Click here for a helpful guide on how to submit the Contract Request Form in Gateway.

Request for Services - Contract Packet

Submitting a Contract Request:

  1. If you have a contract that your vendor provided, attach it to your Contract Request Form in Gateway.
  2. If you need the Contracts Department to write a contract, please complete all sections on the Request for Services (Form I below). Please attach this to the Contract Request Form in Gateway.
  3. If the services are on non-federal funds, and the services are Professional in nature, please complete a Form M (see below) to document price reasonableness. This is required for all Professional Services, per the Public Contract Code.
  4. If the services are on Federal Funds, and are over $2,999.99, please complete the below Form A (see below). This is required for all federal transactions over $2,999.99.

Form I - Request for Services
Form M - Professional Services Price Justification
Form A - Federal Funds Price Justification/Source Selection

UC-Provided Services (revenue or income to the UC)
If your department wishes to contract for UC-provided services (revenue to your department), you will need a Rate and Recharge package or approval through Budget and Planning prior to contract execution. The approval is required annually, and adheres to policies Academic Personnel Manual APM-020 and BFB policy A-56.

You do NOT need a Contract for the following:

Tips for Success

  • To ensure the quickest response, please attach a fully completed Request for Services form *if you do not have a vendor-provided contract*
  • If you intend to ask for an Insurance Waiver from Risk Management, please only submit the Contract Request Form when you receive the signed Waiver from Lee Mudrick.

NOTE: If your contract request is for a hotel or venue for Entertainment purposes: Procurement will Close your PO and suppress the PO submission to the vendor. We will send the signed contract only. Invoices for Entertainment/Travel will not be paid in Gateway. While Procurement reviews your contract because it needs a signature, Accounts Payable still requires payment via Form 5.