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Contracts & Property

Gateway has opened functionality to include the submission of Contracts by offering the Contract Request Form. Generally speaking, Professional and Personal Services can be submitted on a Purchase Order without the need of a signed Contract. The Contracts Analyst assigned to your requisition will work with you and the vendor to determine the appropriate procurement method. Note: Gateway does have functionality for Revenue ($0.00) and Facility-Use Agreements. Contact us with any questions.

When your department is ready to request a contract, please note the following:

  1. Ensure your Supplier is in Gateway. If not, please fill out a Supplier Add Form. Note: You will no longer be required to obtain the W9 and insurance up-front
  2. Complete the Request for Services Form PDF
  3. Start a requisition in Gateway using the Contract Request Form, found on the homepage of Gateway, and attach your completed Request for Services Form to the requisition. If you are submitting a Facility Use Agreement or Supplier's Contract, please attach it to the Contract Request Form in the required field.
  4. Procurement will review your Contract request, and work with your Supplier to obtain all necessary insurance documentation, which may take time.

Tips for Success

  • To ensure the quickest response, please complete all sections of the Request for Services form with as much detail as possible.
  • Complete the scope of work and include key milestones, dates, and expectations
  • Let us know if you are planning to submit an insurance waiver request to Risk Services
  • Key Elements of the Insurance Section:
Request for Services Packet

Submitting a Contract Request:

1. Complete all sections on the Request for Services form
2. Obtain the vendor's scope of work, proposal, or agreement if aplicable
3. If Submitting via Gateway, use the Contracts Request Form in Gateway, and attach your completed Request for Services PDF
4. If submitting outside of Gateway, send the completed and signed Pre-Gateway form to

Procurement Services will work with your vendor to obtain the W9 and insurance certificate, if applicable.