Mail Services

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UCSB Mail Services is the central mail facility delivering mail throughout the campus. We prepare and process an average of 21,000 pieces of University mail per month.

Mail Services is dedicated to the timely processing and delivery of interdepartmental and US Postal Service (USPS) Mail and related services.

We provide an essential link, ensuring the efficient flow of mail between the US Postal Service and the campus community

Since Mail Services handles correspondence related to University business only, faculty and staff should make arrangements to receive personal mail at home.

Delivery and Collection

Delivery and collection schedules are set by Mail Services based on building locations and mail volume. There are five mail routes which are delivered daily between 8 am and 10:30 am, depending on the route. 

Our carriers do not collect or deliver mail to unauthorized areas. Changes in delivery or pick-up location must first be authorized by Mail Services. Requests for new, or changes to existing stops, can be requested by completing and submitting the appropriate Form.

To facilitate service, all departments should establish a standard location for mail delivery and pick-up, providing three labeled boxes for:

  • incoming mail
  • off-campus (outgoing) mail
  • campus mail

Your off-campus mail will be processed more quickly if it is separated or bundled by group, as follows:

  • Stamped
  • To Be Metered
  • International
  • Special Services by USPS

Incoming Mail

We pick-up our mail from USPS every morning at approximately 8:00 am. It is then processed and delivered  to each designated collection point the following morning.  The use of mail codes will help ensure the most efficient mail sorting and delivery possible.

For all FedEx, UPS and all other carrier service, please call Shipping & Receiving at x2878.

Campus Mail

Campus mail is for business and business related purposes only.