Central Stores

Storke tower at UCSB


   The Storehouse closed, June 21, 2013 was our last business day.  Here are a few changes that you should be aware of:  

  • Rubber Stamps:  Quotes can be obtained through OfficeMax or obtain a quote at http://www.stampco.com, and submit a PO through Gateway.
  • Forms: The Bookstore will stock most campus standard forms for purchase effective June 1.  Stocked forms include; Deposit & Recording Advice, Official Receipt, Campus Parking Maps, and Certificates - Gold Embossed with Seal, Key Issue Form, UDEV Gift Acceptance, and Portfolio - Campus View Presentation Folder.
  • Custom Printed Envelopes and Business Cards need to be ordered using OfficeMax through Gateway. A link for the OfficeMax website for business cards and envelope ordering will be posted soon.